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Our goal at JunkSolutions inc. is to keep junk removal friendly to your wallet and the environment.  We always evaluate the options of donation and recycling before delivering items to the appropriate disposal sites.  JunkSolutions inc. operates in an efficient and eco-friendly manner to ensure that the removal of your junk is a truly positive experience.

JunkSolutions inc. offers a variety of services in connection with junk removal so that you can streamline the process of cleaning out your home or office. By having only one contact, it insures that you remain in control. You can easily check-in on the progress or change directives without having to re-organize a multitude of individual companies or subcontractors.

We offer junk removal and demolition services for both commercial and residential spaces. Additionally, our team is trained for specialized cleanup relating to floods, fires and hoarding. Please refer to the links listed on the left-hand side for a more detailed description of the services we provide.